SafeNET Financial Specialise in reviewing current insurance policies, pensions and mortgages.

SafeNET Financial is an insurance brokerage operating nationwide. Priding ourselves on an unwavering commitment to serve our customers with top-class service, providing customers with the policies they believed they took out initially and also educating the importance of financial protection for families without protection in place.

Whether it’s a client and their care for their family or a client and our brokerage, relationships matter to us. Within these current economic times, more people than ever are greatly concerned about their financial protection, and seek to find a quality product, at an affordable price and with value for money.

At SafeNET Financial we are firmly aware of this and are committed to helping you maintain and improve your financial protection to provide peace of mind.

Our Mission

Our aim is to educate in simple terms the importance of having a financial protection in place, to raise awareness that now is the time to protect you, your family, your home, your future.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on providing you rapid, easy to understand reviews on your current policy. Comparing prices from all the major life insurance companies in Ireland. We also strive to make sure all the details on your current policy are correct, and will pay out when your family and loved ones need it most.

Don’t have cover yet? Learn in minutes which types of insurance match your lifestyle.


Peace of Mind

Review your current policy and give yourself the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your policy is covering you as you believe it to be and you aren't paying any more than you need to be.

Customer Focus

At SafeNET Financial we pride ourselves in our customer service. Replying to every call, inquiry and email within minutes.


With so many Pension options on the market today, it can be frustrating trying to choose the right option for you. We can help you through this vital life decision.


Review and switch your mortgage to save on your monthly repayments. Contact us today to schedule a meeting.


We have in-house Loan & Investment advisors who will help you with any query regarding your loans and/or investments.

Lowest Quotes

No matter the financial product we provide the lowest quotes available on the Irish market.

Curious to know more about the review process? Give us a call.

Life Insurance

Everybody who earns an income should consider Life Insurance. A loss of your income is a loss to the household.

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Mortgage Protection

If you were provided Mortgage Protection by your lender, you could save significant amounts of money over the term of your policy.

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Serious Illness Protection

These policies are commonly overpriced and outdated. Providers now cover more illnesses, making recent policies much more comprehensive.

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Whole of Life Insurance

These policies are often "Reviewable" which means the premiums raise to a level that's unsustainable to maintain.

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If you haven’t reviewed your Pension recently, you could receive less than you’re expecting on a monthly basis at retirement.

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Income Protection

It is essential to review your Income Protection after a career change, a change in salary or to ensure you are availing of the best policy available on the market.

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Everybody who earns an income should consider Life Insurance. A loss of your income is a loss to the household.

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