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When your fixed term ends, your lender will only give you their best offering. We compare multiple lenders to find you your best deal.

Save money

An example case found a clients mortgage term reduced by 4 years and saving over €38,000.

Is your rate over 2%

If your rate is over 2%, It's likely we can save you money by switching.

save money by switching mortgage

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Join our thousands of customers and start your review today.

Types of Insurance

Other Financial Products we review - Saving you even more money.

Mortgage Protection

If you were provided Mortgage Protection by your lender, you could save significant amounts of money over the term of your policy.

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Serious Illness Protection

These policies are commonly overpriced and outdated. Providers now cover more illnesses, making recent policies much more comprehensive.

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Life Insurance

Everybody who earns an income should consider Life Insurance. A loss of your income is a loss to the household.

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If you haven’t reviewed your Pension recently, you could receive less than you’re expecting on a monthly basis at retirement. Increasing your allocation rate by reducing fees and charges.

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Income Protection

It is essential to review your Income Protection after a career change, a change in salary or to ensure you are availing of the best policy available on the market.

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Whole of Life Insurance

These policies are often "Reviewable" which means the premiums raise to a level that's unsustainable to maintain.

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Switching mortgage

Learn how much you could save over the term of your Mortgage by simply switching providers.

If your fixed term ends with your lender, your lender is legally obligated to offer you “their best offering”. That’s where the problem lies. If you switch with us, we compare multiple lenders, finding you the best deal on the market. Put quite simply – if your rate is over 2%, it’s possible we could save you money.

Another important consideration is that since your property value has likely increased due to market prices, improvements to your home or improvements to your area, you might want to consider a home valuation which can drastically improve your LTV rate.

Did you get your Mortgage Protection from your lender? Don’t forget we also compare every Mortgage Protection provider in Ireland. With the industry’s highest discount – we can’t be beaten on price. Saving you even more money.

Our quick and Mortgage review process will only take 10 minutes.

What we look for when switching -

When arranging a Mortgage switch, the key points we look for are:

  1. Is your mortgage less than or equal to 90% the value of your home? (A re-valuation could help here)
  2. Have you got good credit history and all of your payments up to date?
  3. Do you currently have sufficient income remaining after your mortgage repayment to meet other financial commitments?
  4. Is your (and your partners) job secure?
  5. Are your Mortgage protection payments paid on time.
  6. Are you committed to switching lender?
If you meet all of the above points, you’re in good shape for a switch.

Why choose us?

We’ve made switching easier than ever using a state of the art online application. Where you gain access to your Mortgage portal, giving you the ability to quickly upload supporting documents and view your new mortgage’s application status in real-time.

  • We have a strong proven track record in gaining acceptance.
  • Gain access to the lowest rates on the market, not just your current lenders rates.
  • 2% Mortgage cashback offer.
  • Possible approval in 72 hours.

It's this easy to switch -

  1. Schedule your review appointment.
  2. Complete your review with our qualified advisor.
  3. Enter your details on our portal (Or we can do this for you).
  4. Upload your documents on our portal (Or we can do this for you).
  5. We submit your application to every lender and provide you with your best offer.

How much could you save?

With Mortgages from SafeNET Financial, Mortgage rates are as low as 2%. If you are paying more than 2% interest on your Mortgage, call our advisors today on 057-8601248 or schedule an appointment for a time that suits you best.

There are hundreds of thousands of people in Ireland on high standard variable rates. You could be one of them and save thousands over the term of your Mortgage.

Example 1

The below example is based on if you have a mortgage of €250,000 with 25 years remaining and currently on a variable rate of 4.5% with 20% and 40% equity in your home. 

Keep in mind we offer mortgages starting at 2% but this example will be based on our average of 2.25%

If you switched your €250,000 Mortgage from 4.5% variable to 2.25% fixed over 4 years it would work out at €1,090.33 per month – saving €300 per month. That’s a saving of €14,400 over 4 years.

While switching to a variable rate could save you €243 per month, with a rate of 2.70% – a monthly repayment of €1,146.89.

Example 2

If you have €200,000 outstanding on your mortgage and a 20 years term remaining at an interest rate of 3.5% your monthly repayments would be €1,160 per month and the total cost of credit would be slightly more than €78,000.

If you switched to a mortgage with an interest rate of 3% with the same term and loan amount, the monthly repayments would drop to €1,110 and the total cost of credit would be €66,000.

This change in rate would result in a savings of ~€12,000 over the 20 year Mortgage term.

When should I consider switching Mortgage lender?

  1. You need to borrow extra money for an extension on your home, moving home, pay off some outstanding short term debts.
  2. You are paying more than 2% interest on your Mortgage and simply want so save money.
  3. You wish to change some conditions on your mortgage, such as the Mortgage Term or increase your loan amount.
  4. Your fixed term has ended and your lender has made you their best offer, which can likely be beaten by other lenders.

What are the benefits of switching Mortgage?

  • Reduce your monthly payments.
  • Remove years off of your Mortgage.
  • Increase your amount borrowed by saving on your Mortgage Protection & reduced rates.
  • Release money for improving your Home.

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                    What happens if...

                    That's no problem. We can give you a template "Letter of authority" Which you sign and send to the lender, this will give us access to any details required to review.

                    Your policy will be deducted monthly from your bank account. Alternatively; You can call your provider and request your information.

                    If you have access to online banking or a bank statement at hand, you should see a monthly payment to an insurance company (Other than your usual car or home insurance). The provider will be either: Irish Life, Aviva, Zurich, Friends First or Royal London. You can call the provider requesting your documents and/or we can have you sign a letter of authority, which will disclose your policy information. Allowing us to review your insurance.