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Everybody who earns an income should consider Life Insurance. A loss of your income is a loss to the household.

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Income Protection

It is essential to review your Income Protection after a career change, a change in salary or to ensure you are availing of the best policy available on the market.

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Life Insurance

Everybody who earns an income should consider Life Insurance. A loss of your income is a loss to the household.

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Serious Illness Protection

These policies are commonly overpriced and outdated. Providers now cover more illnesses, making recent policies much more comprehensive.

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Whole of Life Insurance

These policies are often "Reviewable" which means the premiums raise to a level that's unsustainable to maintain.

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Mortgage Protection

If you were provided Mortgage Protection by your lender, you could save significant amounts of money over the term of your policy.

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We review every kind of Pension, with the aim to simply save you money by to ensure you get what you’re expecting from your Pension.

You could reduce Charges

Over the last 15-20 years, pension plans have developed immensely, and one of the main changes is that much lower charges exist with modern pensions. These charges have a direct impact on your returns & benefits you receive from your fund.

Are you still paying enough

If you started your pension a number of years ago.. Due to inflation, would your monthly pension be enough nowadays? Enough to cover any bills you may still have after you retire?

State Pension

The maximum state pension is currently 248.30 per week. Also the state pension age is also rising. For people due to retire in 2028 onwards, they won’t receive  state pension until age 68. So you’re looking at low benefit levels and also now waiting longer for them to start..

Save half Your age

As a very rough rule of thumb, you should be aiming to save “half your age” percentage wise. So at age 40, you should be saving 20% of your income into a pension. So if you haven’t reviewed your pension recently, you might need to increase what you’re paying.

Regular Premiums

Regular premiums are much easier to bear. It can be very challenging for self-employed people to find the spare cash to make annual contributions to their pension at the same time as they’re faced with their tax bill. Smaller balancing contributions at the tax deadline can be easier.

Combine previous Pensions into a controlled pension

3 simple steps: 

  1. Provide us with your financial goals and current pension information.
  2. Review pension, and advise on the next step to combine your pension.
  3. Provide a detailed report and recommendations.

Ethcial Pension

An ethical pension means that your investments have been carefully selected to either avoid companies and investment sectors that harm society, workers or the environment, or funds that go out of their way to actively improve the environment or workplaces. 

We’ll help you put your money in funds that are true to your values. You can choose fossil fuel free options, avoid tobacco and defense companies, and choose to use providers who have signed up to the UN Principles for Responsible Investing such as Aviva. Options include clean renewable energy (Both providers and companies that have low carbon footprint) to gender equality. 

Benefits of transferring

The benefits of transferring to a product under your own control are as follows:

  • Annual tracking by a formal review process
  • Changes are available without the need for third party signatures
  • A wide range of investment options will be accessible
  • Quicker and easier when maturing your pension
  • Ensuring your pension goes to dependents after your death
  • Entitled to more control and visibility of the funds
  • When it comes to maturing your pension, it will make it easier and quicker 
  • Advice available on the contributions you provide to achieve your income objectives

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                    What happens if...

                    That's no problem. We can give you a template "Letter of authority" Which you sign and send to the provider, this will give us access to any details required to review.

                    Your policy will be deducted monthly from your bank account. alternatively, if you have your policy number (This will be on your policy documents); You can call your provider and quote your policy number. The provider will disclose any information you require.

                    Your employment contract will contain all policies that come with your employment. Alternatively, you could ask your administration/hr department.