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Types of Insurance

Other Financial Products we review - Saving you even more money.

Income Protection

It is essential to review your Income Protection after a career change, a change in salary or to ensure you are availing of the best policy available on the market.

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Mortgage Protection

If you were provided Mortgage Protection by your lender, you could save significant amounts of money over the term of your policy.

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Life Insurance

Everybody who earns an income should consider Life Insurance. A loss of your income is a loss to the household.

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If you haven’t reviewed your Pension recently, you could receive less than you’re expecting on a monthly basis at retirement. Increasing your allocation rate by reducing fees and charges.

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Everybody who earns an income should consider Life Insurance. A loss of your income is a loss to the household.

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Serious Illness Protection

These policies are commonly overpriced and outdated. Providers now cover more illnesses, making recent policies much more comprehensive.

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Whole of Life Insurance

Whole of Life cover is a type of Life Insurance without a a fixed end date. It can also be used to offset Inheritance Tax. It is also commonly referred to as funeral cover.

Whole of life cover as you’d comprehend is an insurance plan that lasts for the policy holders lifetime, and is not limited to a specific term. If you pass away the policy will provide a lump sum payment to your family or dependents. It can also provide tax-free inheritance planning cover for your family, so as not to impact their inheritance (33% inheritance tax liability).

Whole life cover can cover you for Serious Illness up to the age of 65, where the Serious Illness cover ceases at this age and the Whole of Life cover continues.

Our quick and simple Whole of Life review process will only take 10 minutes.

What's the difference between Guaranteed and Reviewable Whole of Life?

Guaranteed Whole of Life is a policy that has it’s premiums and cover amount fixed and frozen until the policy holder passes away.

Reviewable Whole of Life is a policy that is reviewed by the provider every year and the premiums generally increase to a point where they become unsustainable. In this case, what tends to happen is any “Savings” added to the policy will be depleted and then they will recommend reducing your cover amount to make the premium more sunstainable. We do not offer this policy.

Savings Option

If for any reason your circumstances change over time, such as no longer being able to afford your cover, or inheritance tax no longer being a concern.. You might decide to stop paying your premium before you die. Which normally means you get nothing back.

With a savings option – Provided you’ve had your policy for 15 years and consistently paid it, you are guaranteed money back if you cancel or stop paying your policy.

This option costs an extra 10% on your premium and must be included when you take out your policy – It cannot be added at a later date.

Your options are – Receive a reduced lump sum on death, or you can take an immediate cash payment.

index linked cover

This is an optional facility designed to increase your benefits & premiums on an annual basis to protect against inflation – in keeping in line with the cost of living. The increase is normally at 3% or 5% pa, depending on the company, with the option to stop the facility during the term of the policy.

Additional Benefits

Some of these additional benefits are only available from certain insurers. If you require any of them, please notify us.

  • Children’s Specified Illness Cover
  • Advanced Payment for Heart Surgery
  • Children’s Overseas Surgery
  • Helping Hand
  • Best Doctors (Second Opinion)
  • Children’s Specified Illness Cover Partial Cover
  • Overseas Surgery

How do we choose your provider?

This depends on several factors, such as:

– Your age.
– If you’re a smoker.
– If you have children.
– If you’re single.
– If you’re employed.
– If your partner is employed.
– Your current state of health.
– How much you earn annually.
– If you have a mortgage.

Can i get serious illness protection added to mY Whole Of Life Insurance?

Absolutely, You can choose to add serious illness cover to your Whole of Life policy at an additional premium. Your options are below.

accelerated serious illness cover

This is generally the most common option. With this option, The Serious Illness benefit is taken from the lifer cover benefit. So that the life cover benefit is reduced by the amount of any Serious Illness claim. For example, If the life cover benefit is €100,000 with €50,000 serious illness (accelerated), and a €50,000 claim is made for a serious illness.. The serious illness benefit is depleted and the life cover benefit reduced to €50,000.

standalone serious illness cover

With this option, The Serious Illness benefit is a separate benefit alongside the life cover. So that a claim for Serious Illness benefit will not affect the benefit of Life Insurance, which will still remain in place once the serious illness is paid out.

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                    That's no problem. We can give you a template "Letter of authority" Which you sign and send to the provider, this will give us access to any details required to review.

                    Your policy will be deducted monthly from your bank account. alternatively, if you have your policy number (This will be on your policy documents); You can call your provider and quote your policy number. The provider will disclose any information you require.

                    Your employment contract will contain all policies that come with your employment. Alternatively, you could ask your administration/hr department.